Our Objective

This site is for Sex Offender Research only. We analyze state-sponsored research reports and studies on Recidivism, Housing Restrictions, Victim-Offender relationship, etc. This topic has become such a political tool for legislators, we just want to know the truth.

The studies we research include all released sex offenders. We do not include specialized studies that cover only a narrow group of offenders since these studies are misleading as to the true nature of recidivism overall. State laws are aimed at all sex offenders, so the study must include all sex offenders.

If you are aware of a state-sponsored study which is inclusive of all sex offenders, that is not included on this site, please send us an email by going here, with a link to the study and we will see if it meets the criteria to be included on this site.

Research Report With Summary Pages

These reports covering recidivism, housing restrictions, and many more. There is a summary page of each report quoting important facts from the report. View all reports here.

There also charts that illustrate important facts taken directly from each report. View all charts here.

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